Hosting the Freedom Focus Course will come with money costs, and the exact costs depend on the situation. Take the following costs into account:

  • Location rent
  • Coffee, tea, and maybe a meal
  • Costs for the creative assignments
  • Costs for the course materials: course books for the participants and a manual for the team members. For the course material costs click here.
  • You can let the participants contribute or cover the costs as organising church or organisation.

Course materials

The course materials consist of three elements:

  • Manual: Instructions for the hosting team. Here you find background information, tools for hosting a course, tips per lesson, and a QR-code that leads you to the lesson kit.
  • Workbooks: Every course member receives a workbook they use to make the assignments, and take  personal notes. They can the reread the material at home. Workbooks are available in Dutch, English, Ukrainian, and Russian. In 2023 the workbook will also become available in Farsi, Chinese, and Arabic. A version of the course targeted at a male audience is in process.
    Books can be ordered in the webshop.  


Lesson kit: Some lessons require use of conversation cards or specific visual materials (posters etc.). You can find all these extra materials in the lesson kit. In the lesson kit you will also find the certificates and the evaluation forms for the end of the course. Print forms are freely available via the link in the back of the manual.