Forming a team

The Freedom Focus course is hosted by a team. The number of team members depends on the number of participants in the course.

  • The course needs a main host leader/teacher. This is someone who has (basic) knowledge and experience in the field of pastoral care, counselling, or psychological coaching of people.
  • Secondly the team needs a number of small-group leaders. In the second half of every gathering, fixed small groups with fixed group leaders continue discussing the theme. The amount of group leaders will depend on the number of participants.
  • In a large group of participants, it may be convenient to have someone on the team to primarliy work on the practicalities of the course: provide a room, communication with the participants, buying the course materials, and perhaps organising meals.

When forming a team, aim at commitment of all team members to be present at as many gatherings as possible. (Perhaps redundantly, but it is important that the team members are female when hosting the course for a group of women.)

Referring participants to professional help

The Freedom Focus course is not meant to be a substitute for professional help, but as life help for those who cannot get or do not want to get professional help yet.
We cannot heal or change people, no matter how much we want to. As a host/leader you coach the participants, and you provide help to make their own choices and to take further steps. Still, it is their process and their responsibility.
If you notice that the need is too high, or the help that is asked is too complicated, it is time to refer to professional care. That is why it is good to have a personal network of doctors, psychologists, pastors, and social workers to discuss these issues with, or to refer people to.