A course on dealing with trauma

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The course

Welcome to Freedom Focus, a course series on healing from trauma, designed for multicultural groups.

Every person experiences difficulties and hardships during their lifetime. Refugees, who have had to run away from war, have had many of these hardships to face. They are oftentimes greatly affected by hostility, oppression and tragedy. They have left their countries and loved ones promptly and have been victims of violence, exploitation or abuse while on their life-threatening way to safety. After finally having arrived to a safe environment, another period of uncertainty and worry starts as they have to adapt to a new country, language and culture.

Once the situation becomes more stable after being settled for a while, many refugees and migrants experience the effects of unprocessed trauma. Some of them develop depression or mental health issues, while others may seek refuge in substance abuse and addiction, with all consequences those posit for mental wellbeing, relationships, work, and integration.

The Freedom Focus course offers a safe environment to share about (traumatic) experiences. Basic principles, both from psychology and from the Bible will be discussed in relation to difficult themes like trauma and depression. Together, steps will be taken towards a life filled with more freedom.

Learn more about this course on this website, and find information about hosting or following a course.

What participants say:


‘It was a very beautiful course. I had the courage to speak about my addiction and talk about my fear for the first time in my life.’

Group leader:

‘It was touching how everyone, including myself, shared openly about their experiences and struggles. We ate, laughed, cried, and prayed together; this is something I wish for everyone!’

Academic researcher:

‘The Freedom Focus course is unique, much needed, and of high quality.’